Thursday, September 07, 2006


Your site is becoming overwhelming by the day.

I am finding all the stuff I wanted to read and many many thanks for posting rare photos of TMS.

They are all great.

I received two cds on Tuesday morning. Thanks a ton.

I did play one in which I saw 50s TMS and three folders of TMS specials.

They all have been compiled nicely and your touch is very evident.

I read your Soundarabharanam at least once a day and I used to wonder how could you have put so much of true and meaningful information in that. I heard every word of it today.

To be frank, every artist longs for a word praise or recognition.

Your programme would certainly have pleased TMS, who thoroughly deserves all the accolades.

The 50s collection was quite different in the sense that he had yet to form his ‘bhani’. Each and every song tries to tell us his keen desire to overcome the competition all around.

The love duet in Thooku Thooku “kanvali pugunthu” has plenty of shades of CSJ as Thanks for relaying “annaiin madiyl”. The song is etched deeply in memory, heard only a couple of times when I was in school. What a song!

The collection of rare songs is superb.

Can you please have a TMS special in which all the songs sung perfectly in a classical style; there can be another wherein navarasams are depicted in each song for a particular actor; there can be another which can highlight his voice modulation for each and every singer he had sung.

They are my humble suggestions.

I wish I could tune to FM Suriyan to hear all the time.

I played the second CD and I liked it very much.

The CDs are more like a family treasure.

I am really lucky to receive it from you.

I desperately want to see the rare photos of TMS you had put up a couple of days back. Hence I told my cousin in America to open and see them. He said they were nice. He had more than a word of praise for your effort to collect these priceless photos.

Saying thanks is becoming prosaic and meaningless.

You are bombarding my senses with one surprise after another.

All the photos are treat to the eyes.

Please for God sake keep the great work (classic) going. I am stumped for words, because my heart is full of emotions.

Everyday I am playing at least one of the cds you have sent me, especially the TMS part.

The cds are they are very great in quality and your stamp on each and every song. Your comments and voice are refreshing to hear. They add lustre to the song.

Please share all the things that you know about TMS with others.

The more I see your site, the more I want to know about TMS.

I just can't forget the cds you sent on TMS and other singers of old.

I play them regularly in the morning. They are good to hear.

I am happy you have linked up so many songs of tms, spb and vani.

Warmest regards Yazh

God bless you

K P Subramanian

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